We got new windows and doors put in by magic windows. They were the worst; the sales rep came in and spoke to us and took measurements and said everything will be ready in 4 to 6 weeks; and told us it would cost $16,600; after a couple of weeks we got a meeting with him where he informed us that we would be charged $19,900 (His excuse was that he forgot to add the tax; but the paper he gave us initially had the taxes included). We waited for almost 8 weeks and then finally after calling them for days and days they decided to come in and put the new windows. After they installed the new windows and doors; we started experiencing lots of difficulties. First their so called privacy blinds are not that great; they kept jamming and causing too much problem. Then the door they installed was crooked and when we informed them of it their technician came in and said he would get it fixed (it’s been 4 months and we are still waiting for them to fix the door). Because of the crookedness in the door; cold air comes inside, we tried explaining this many times to their project manager and he would not agree. Cold air travels to hot air, not vice versa; also our patio door seems have swollen because of the water leaking into it from outside. We have called their technician more than 4 times to our house to fix this problem and nothing seems to change. The number of gas units used for heating the house has increased since getting the new doors and windows. Overall, magic windows have the worst customer service; I have called plenty of times to have their receptionist yell at me; my wife also tried explaining the situation to the receptionist who kept ignoring my wife and telling her that our demands were ridiculous. They have not yet fixed any of the problems and we have called them multiple times and left multiple emails but they simply just do not reply. They have the worst customer service as well as their responsibility towards their customers is just until you pay them. Once they have got your money they do not seem to care about you or their faulty installation. Our final question just is that HOW CAN WE GET THIS FIXED?

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