We ordered some extra large patio doors for the back of our house, to replace some really old ones. Two giant panes of glass, one of them sliding, one fixed. They look really amazing and we LOVE them. Our sales guy Dana at Magic was great. There was a discrepancy between what we ordered and what turned out to be possible, that we only learned when the installers arrived to do the final measurements (so not long after we ordered and paid a deposit). One of the guys in our house to measure was pretty rude and patronising given we had a signed agreement and paid the deposit, a little more soothing and hand holding would have been appreciated given we were being given frustrating (and frankly confusing news). Figuring out next steps was not a delightful process, and we felt we had to nag our sales guy for answers and options, which felt crummy for us and I'm sure was no fun for him. Timing was slow from there, to get re-measured and the manufacturing part. I assume making it is slow because of volume of orders and covid, and it took a few months, but that wasn't really a surprise. When Dana said 8 weeks we doubled it in our minds and it was within that time frame. I emailed the office a couple of times to ask for an update on when they might be ready, and never received a response from them, so that was also not ideal. The installers for the actual install were polite and perfectly pleasant. So why the 4 stars? Coz our sales guy was good and the doors are SO GREAT. Worth the infuriating communications with anyone who was NOT our sales guy for sure. If you have a big fancy glass need, I would recommend the product here for sure.

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