I had a problem with a squirrel in the attic (I did not know at that time what was it), I called some company which had rating 5 stars on google, two men came and did exterior inspection and told me, "Good news, you do not have any hole in the attic, so no racoon and no squirrel" I asked what is the noise from then, they said it must be rats or mice, call a pest control company we only work on wild life , they charged me $100 for inspection and left. (do not fall for them, the company name is famouse man raised in the jungle) When the problem continued, I did a better job by asking on nextdoor, and I found more than one recommends Joe from Snap Pest Control So I called him, it was obvious he is not like the first company, he said, I do not want to come and just get your money, get some surveillance to see what you have there, I installed a wireless camera in the attic, and I saw the squirrel family. I called joe again he came, found the place they enter from , which the other two men did not find, blocked it, after one week the family chew their way from another spot, I called him again, he came and this time he installed a wired mesh on all vents, he did not charge me much, comparing to what I hear from some companies, he is friendly and respects the time and appointments, he even helped me without asking in fixing something I could not do without long Ladder. I could have left a short review, but I believe by telling my story first you will be more confident to call him for the job. I hate to see others who have no clue or at least they do not care for people but for money get 5 stars and do nothing. If you want a non-greedy, honest, decent and professional help with your issue. Call Joe from Snap Pest Control Good luck

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Thank you for your review Mohamed. Your squirrels were persistent and had even managed to make it down to the first floor ceiling from the attic. For may years the squirrels had made this home theirs. I understand how frustrated it is to have to live with scurrying noises in ones home and take these situations seriously. So happy that they are out for good. Joe