Rene and Gisela completed 60% of the agreed upon work before disappearing and becoming unresponsive to my phone calls. Their workmanship was poor, the materials that they provided was low quality, and they cut a lot of corners. Baseboards were not measured or cut properly, pot lights do not align on ceiling, uneven flooring with air pockets in several spots, unfinished painting of walls, no shower door was ever installed because they mismeasured it, the vanity they installed was suppose to be customized but instead they purchased a very cheap looking one, the mirror above the vanity was suppose to be a smart mirror but they replaced it with a small/inexpensive mirror, I could go on and on about all the issues Ive experienced. In most cases they've done more damage to my unit than how it originally was. Ive added photos below as evidence of their poor workmanship and incomplete job. You do not want to get caught up in the same mess that I am currently going through.

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