I am a contractor and am aware of the issues and difficulties that the current landscape is causing but the issues I experienced with my window installation were the result of poor management and poor work force. We paid our deposit to have 3 large windows and 1 patio door replaced on March 19th. We were told to expect a visit with in a week to finalize measurements. After we didn't hear anything in that week I reached out a couple times and finally someone came out measure 2.5 weeks after our deposit was paid. They said to expect an installation date in about 10 weeks. We were contacted in that 10 weeks to notify us that they would be installing on July 7th. I took the morning off work to meet the installers and we arranged to have our 1 and 3 year old somewhere else for the day. (not an easy task during a pandemic). No one showed up. Once no one showed up between 8 and 12 as we were told to expect I called the installation department and they were very apologetic but said "they majorly screwed up" and there were no installers dedicated to our installation that day. We then rescheduled for July 13. Again I took the morning off and the rest of my family found other accommodations for the day. When no one showed up again I reached out and they said the installation team left hours ago and they would try to find them. I heard nothing else and then the installers finally showed up after 1 pm. They said they misread my address. Through the whole installation process one of the two installers refused to wear a mask even when he was showing me the paperwork side by side at the end of the day. Since they didn't start until 1 pm they didn't finish until after 7pm. When I started to walk through I noticed they hadn't installed the secondary lock on the patio door that we ordered. He said he didn't have it and someone else will come to install it. He then gave me some papers to sign without showing me the rest of the job and started to pull away. I found the frame of the old door in my backyard and chased the truck to get them to take the garbage. After they left I noticed the windows were not cleaned and that one of the pieces of trim was cut 1" short. I reached out immediately to my sales rep and he said that a service technician would be out to install the lock and fix the trim. Weeks went by and I kept reaching out and not getting an appointment. Finally on Aug 19 the service department contacted us to schedule to finish on Aug 28. The service guy showed up and was great except that he only had the lock and said another service appointment will be made to fix the trim. For over a month now my house has had unfinished trim and even though I have paid in full Canadian Choice doesn't seem to care. I have more windows to change next year and will definitely be giving my money to someone else.

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Hi Mathew, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you can please reach out to me at 416.848.6930 ex 202, I will make sure to get this dealt with, in a timely manner.