First Review


They prices were good, but there service was not good. We purchase a new sofa set and was promise delivery in one week to Ottawa. After a month we got a used sofa set, not what we ordered and was told by the owner after trying to reach him for many days, that the set we order was not good and he will order us a new set like what we want. We decide to go back to Toronto to see what was wrong with the orignal set that we ordered. Afer meeting with him, we decided to go with the style that he sent and we will wait for the new furniture and give promise to give us a gift. When we came back to Ottawa and open the gift it was a broken up lamp (returned from a customer ). We call him and told him about it. And asked if he was the item and he said yes. We were mad , we told him we better examine the new set of furniture when it come in before shipping to Ottawa. He said that he is not order no set, that we have to keep the set that was sent. People please watch out for this store. They are many honest business store in Toronto. This one is not.

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