I am giving the review of poor value of the customer vs product. When I called for the continuation of their services (1 month prior) I begged!! For the early window. They said it was between (8-11am). The begging on my part was if they could possibly place us first because we had young toddlers and an elderly nana who suffers from dementia who can’t be out of the home for 6 hours (Especially if the 6 hours ran later in the evening). Meaning if they came 11am which they would (did), they would have to be out until 5-6 pm or even later depending on the strength of the fumes. I understand the concept of scheduling drivers in a line vs a circle (but) sometimes it would be nice to take the quality of humans vs a task into consideration! After the fact I called another company who would’ve been able to accommodate our request for another day (first thing), but that would leave the house in shambles because all furniture had to be moved from the baseboards. Again not good for toddlers or a elderly woman who be confused! Stuck and a bit disappointed!

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