DO NOT SHOP HERE I REPEAT DO NOT SHOP HERE!. My husband and I purchased a custom couch which turned out to be too big for our place. 2 men from Rob's furniture in Langley offered to come and try to make it fit. I arrived home to find my husband freaking out as 2 men had the couch pried between my walls up my staircase. There were holes in the drywall and the guys ripped off the trim of my walls with a screwdriver. I demanded them to stop and leave. Once outside a confrontation began and the one man drove away and the other denied ever being in our house and said he caused no damage. A screaming match ensued on the phone where the salesman Joe yelled and screamed at me and denied everything. He yelled "You're some 20 year old complaining over a stupid couch" then hung up on me. I called back enraged and another employee answered then hung up on me. They refuse to fix any damage done to my home and also the extensive damage to my $1000 custom couch. After being promised an exchange because they refused a refund. We waiting a month for a new couch being promised it in 2 weeks. Several trips to Rob's and they kept toying around and said it wasn't in. Finally we went to Rob's to pick up the new couch and I asked to measure it before I take it, I was not I was not allowed to measure it because it was already packaged for delivery. My husband and I took the couch to our house and opened it up to find a less quality couch and not the color they promised as well as the new "smaller" couch was a whole foot bigger than the original couch that did not fit in the first place. No manager was available to talk to and the employees would not give me the name of the manager, or owner. This has to be the ABSOLUTE WORSE experience with a business we have ever had. Please do yourself a favor and spread the word and whatever you do, NEVER BUY FROM ROB'S FURNITURE.

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