I used Petty Pest's services twice in the summer of 2021. The approximate cost covers all of the services they provided in 2021. TL; DR: Why I recommend Petty Pest: - Both Katie and Tiffany (technicians) are knowledgeable professionals and I felt safe having them in my home. - Educated me on the process, what to expect, and were able to ensure the safety of my cats (for me this meant removing them from the house for at least 4 hours). - Return within 60 days if the issue isn't resolved. - Rates are similar to other providers. Long version: I initially called because of carpenter ants in a wall. Katie came and used a multi-pronged approach to get rid of them and ensure they didn't just travel to a different portion of the house. A few weeks later I had wasps in a wall (entering the house from a different area than the ants, totally separate issue). In this instance Tiffany came to the house to take care of the problem. I like that when the issue wasn't resolved (no fault of Tiffany, they were resilient) a technician returned to spray again at no additional cost.

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