Duane said the roof job would take 1 to 2 days. We started to question the competency of his roofers when the job dragged on for 7 days. Starting at 9:30 am and quitting at 2:30 pm with a two hour lunch it was amazing any work was completed. On the fifth day the crew ran out of shingles and roof vents. After the job was supposed to be complete, a cursory glance at the roof said otherwise. They had shingles over where a roof vent was, missed installing a downspout extension and a roof skirt was left with old shingles. To add insult to injury Duane would not return any phone calls after the shortcomings were brought to light. We have picked up 300 roofing nails which proves the crew did not properly tarp the area where the old shingles fell. To sum up the job Alrite roofing is not alright, buyer beware!

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