Came out Very satisfied with their sales team. Customer service and returns is a little slow when it comes to handling situations and returns. They seem to work much slower than the rest of the team. Besides the returns department the rest of the operations at Canadian tire are very good.

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Awesome company with great selection. Customer service was really helpful with very helpful sales agent. Delivery was very reasonable and overall very satisfied with their service when ever i've bought from leons.

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Bought a sofa from them approximately just over a year ago. We had contacted them maybe a day or two over the expiry of our Warranty although the problem started probably a month before and was not seen as big of a problem . Our frame between the love seat and the arm rest started to split. When we contacted them they said that someone must of sat on the armrest and hence it split and was not a manufacturing defect and nothing could be done with it. REgardless of the damage almost ALL companies cover their framework for a lifetime. The framework between two wood pieces had separated causing the armrest to fold. The overall construction of the customized product was relatively weak where the leather tends to lag and crease if someone slightly above average weight sits on it, and if the framework can seperate like this i don't know how strong the rest of the wood pieces are. Very disappointed with this service. I understand that any damage to the leather or anything on the outside is our responsibility but this is the foundation of the sofa... this is the inside of the sofa to what is not seen to a person.

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Company Response

First of all, customer fails to report the issue before 1 year manufacture warranty expiration date. Warranty agreement is a contract between merchant and its customers. If customer can report this issue a little bit earlier, then it is repairable and solution for this case will be much easier. It is this customer's choice to postpone the issue and cause further damage on the joint part between arm and seating area. Secondly, we checked the problem and it happens at the joint part between arm and seating area and the arm is declining toward the seat. It is very obviously caused by extensive weight on the arm. Seating on the loveseat is supported by wooden frame plus wooden legs and if anything happens to the seating area, it should be defined as manufacture defeats. In this case, the design of this particular couch's arm is not designed to support weight but again this customer still decided to sit on the arm which caused this problem and it is not covered by our manufacture warranty.

Mr. Sahil, as customer service manager, I do feel your frustration and I want to help you too. What I can do for you is we can perform repair work for you for free and the only thing will cost you is the transportation fees which may occur in this repair work.