Hired Eaves by Eddie on November 1/2020. Eddie & his crew removed the existing eavestroughs and replaced with new installation by the end of the week. We had 23 centimeters of snow on December 1 st a couple of days later, the snow melted, and we had leaks on the south side, the east side and the front ( west side) of the house. Eddie came back and said he fixed the leaks. the next week it rained, and we again had leaks on the east side ( back) and west side ( front of house). Eddie came back and said he fixed the leaks. The next week we still had a major leak on the front of the house, Eddie came back and made some alterations to the front eaves. The leaking continued, after many calls to Eddie, and him saying he would return, he never did.This went on for 6 months, when I realized he was not going to come back, I hired someone else. They came, diagnosed the problem within 5 minutes and had the problem fixed within 2 hours. Be very carefull if you are planning to hire Eddie.

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Company Response

just wanted to say thanks Mike for our very first thumbs down 👎 you were true to your threats however you did not stop or slow us down as you can see this is the first free time I've gotten in months so I can reply. not a problem but like I told you in my response to your email, "YOU CANNOT BULLY AND THREATEN ME /US / PEOPLE" life doesn't work like that neither does the world revolves only around you and your needs. let's back track a bit, your neighbors directly across the street that you came over and praised us for a fantastic job well done has never mentioned an issue with us, infact they left a 10star review on here for us. you asked for an estimate we did, you came low balling us, I said to you that was too low, you cried you're a senior not working covid19 and all that, being the awesome personable human that ALL of my clients before you can and have indicated via 10stars reviews, I said okay no problem I'll have my crew and I take on your project way below asking now after we did this for you, this is your gratitude.?? well thank you sir.
you said eddie said he fixed the so called leaks you claimed that you are yet to show any proof of leaks directly from our work, not forgetting we came back to your place after completing your project on 4 different occasions and each time you were right behind us like a puppy's tail. you also mentioned that you hired another contractor and they fixed it in 2 hours okay fine, where is the invoice for the fix up work, why couldn't you call or email me saying I paid this amount for fix up and it's on you, I would have said without a doubt sure but being the problematic bully that you think are you kept your word and posted a negative review that you fabricated (I have proof via the threatening and blackmailing email you sent) but I won't post it however bcuz of respect for myself, my company and all my clients (past, present & future). now please explain to me how fabricating this review helped you, myself and future clients 🤔.??
you said you would be very careful when thinking of hiring eavesbyeddie, really Mike not cool and very uncalled for. I thought you being a senior is to help teach younger people/ generation the values of life etc, did you accomplished that.??? being a young man I thought you would have found a way to encourage us to do better instead you tried to stop our food and our family's food also. we are not doing crimes or any illegal activities so why didn't you try a positive approach.??? we'll work for you again though providing that you retract this totally fabricated review and apologize on here publicly bcuz after all what we did for you for so low we did not deserve this...