Liquid String managed to install more than 40 ethernet cables on the entire house. They patch the wires proper and added into a wire cabinet. They create a network diagram with every single cable and label all the cable to ensure that if any problem will appear will know exactly which cable to pull -up. On top of that I've called the company to install a NVR. The NVR had 8 Camera which has been installed in various places as I requested and of course based on his recommendation as well. One of the Liquid String team member managed to edit the router settings to ensure that I can see all the cam live everywhere on the planet. He managed to install 2x 24 port ethernet switch which later Liquid String team connected them together to my 2 router and my access point. Overall I'm very happy with their services and I can recommend Liquid String at any time.

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Company Response

It was a pleasure working to get your needs met. Thank You Ionut.