Sam came highly recommended from another trades person. He was very professional and very clear on what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. Out of 4 quotes he was the most helpful in explaining a very difficult to understand industry. He was also very competitive.

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I Started using their weeding services at the beginning of this summer. I was disappointed when they came out and just sprayed everywhere. By that I mean all over the kids toys. Now being reasonable I just asked if they could call ahead of time so that we can move the kids toys out of the way and other things. They did this which was quite nice. I don't expect them to move my kids stuff. After time (3-4 weeks) went on I noticed that the weeds were not going away, so I called and they said that was normal to wait for about 6 weeks before I will see a noticeable difference. Right around that time they cold called to offer some of their other services. I told the lady that I had not yet seen a noticeable difference in my weeds. She offered to send someone out right away for spot treatments. She then went on to offer me a grass seeding service which I was not planning on but decided to go ahead with it. I specifically asked her to have the technician call me ahead of time so that I can be ready. She said it wouldn't be for another 6 weeks because they had to order the "special" seeds in for the September month. No problem. Some weeks after that I got another cold call for their lawn Aeration services. I agreed and asked them to call me ahead of time. Then I got another call offering some other services, I refused and asked when my other services were going to be completed and they said soon. I got a call the middle of October saying they would be by to do the seeding the following day. I went home early to cut the grass. Tomorrow came and no one from their company did. I worked from home that day because I was already unsure of their services. No one came by night fall so I went out to investigate and there were no seeds on the ground, no invoice at the front door. Then 2 days later on Oct 19th I got a call from a technician saying they would be out the next day to do the lawn aeration. Again, no one came. It was a Saturday and we were home for most of the day, and come one, we should be able to see the holes in the ground when we got home! Magically a bill appeared on their online services stating the lawn was seeded, so naturally I phoned to inquire. They said someone had been out and that their systems stated that the lawn was seeded. I said " well you are more than welcome to come have a look, there are no seeds here." They said a supervisor will be by to have a look in a few days. We determined that he would be by on a Friday before 2 pm. Friday came, we called 4 times during Friday to see if the guy was coming. Every time we were told "Yup, no problem, before 2 pm" Needless to say no one came. Meanwhile we had another company come out and give use their assessment and opinions to if there were any lawn seeds there. He said there were none. On Tuesday morning I get a call from the WeedMan supervisor saying he has been at my house this morning and that his inspection was inconclusive. I asked him why he didn't call before arriving, he said he was unaware that I had asked for a call. Then I asked why he didn't come on Friday, he said he wasn't aware he was suppose to come on Friday. This guy was obviously just a messenger and i felt bad for him. He told me that he did not see any evidence of lawn seeding. I said great, all I want is not to be charged for services that I didn't get. I don't need or want anything else. He said that someone from head office will be calling me. Sure enough withing 15 minutes a lady phoned and left me a message. I was unable to answer so I called back in about 10 minutes. A different lady answered the phone and I explained that so and so called me regarding my services. She said" Oh no problem, I can help with that since I have already spoken to so and so about it" This lady is a terrible customer service representative. I had allowed her to explain herself regarding the situation and that they would have to send another service technician out next week to verify. Then when I started to speak (not yell) she was extremely defensive and wouldn't even let me finish my sentences. I said to her I don't think the services you are billing me for were completed. She took that as if I was telling her that their technicians were not telling the truth. I said that I didn't know anything about the technicians but perhaps they had done the wrong house by accident? In her eyes there were no other possible explanations except for that the Heavy Rains must have washed the seeds into the soil. I explained to her that if someone would have come by sooner they would have noticed that there were no seeds on the lawn the same day or the next few days after that of when they claim the services were done. I explained to her that the lawn aeration wasn't done either and she snapped back saying that I had cancelled it. I said yes I did, a few days after they said they were going to be there. " Don't blame it on me. You are correct that I cancelled it, but only after I was so dissatisfied with your services, not before." All in all I simply asked her to allow me to finish my sentences and then she really blew her top. I asked her what would happen if they came by next week and determined that there was no seeding done. It is already too late to be doing seeing at this time of year let alone when they find out next week what happened, and probably to wait another week for them to mobilize themselves to do it. She refused to talk to me about the possible options. She said that at this time all we can do is wait for the technician to take a look at it again. I asked her yet again, if there is found to be lawn seeds what would happen ( Seeing as i expressed to her I wanted to cancel my service) and I also asked her the alternative, what would happen if you didn't find any seeds? She still refused to speak to me about the alternatives. (Please keep in mind that I have bare spots on my lawn, seeds would be easily spotted. ) All in all a very frustrating experience, i went with this company even though they were more expensive hoping to receive good customer service. I didn't get that, and I recommend you spend your money elsewhere.

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