Duane and Alrite roofing were recommended through neighbours in Whitby. Duane was off and on with timing.. however the weather wasn't cooperating much so it was acceptable. About a month after closing out the job we noticed a leak in the roof coming into the garage and had no luck contacting him. Months went buy with numerous phone calls, emails and emailed pictures of damage the leaks were causing. Called once from a receptionists phone at work and got a hold of him for a second, he was surprised and apologized then confirmed he would show up the next day. Duane never came nor called back he is not a trustworthy person, stay away from Duane and Alrite roofing and find a legitimate business owner. Remember for the price of this service and the expected legitimacy of the warranties find a better option. Only recourse currently now is legal action, hopefully he sees this post and cares enough to make it right but we are doubtful. See you in court Duane.

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