I got my vents cleaned with them recently. This was my first time getting my vents cleaned (first home), so I can't compare their service to someone else. However, overall I thought they did a good job cleaning vents. They were knowledgeable and showed a lot of patience in listening to my questions and answering them very politely. They also did their work cleanly. The only disappointment I had was I felt they overcharged me on cleaning coils. I got the package deal from groupon that included 12 vents and furnace blower cleanup. They recommended me to get the coils cleaned up for which they said would cost me additional $120. All they did was used their air blower to blow the dust out of the coil and were done in less than 5 mins. I thought that was a ridiculous price to charge for such a small job. When I argued that the price was too high for the amount of work they did to clean it, they defended it by saying it's about the service and it was flat rate and they wouldn't had charged me more if there was lot of clean up to be done. I certainly didn't buy that story as they didn't even open the hood to see how bad the coils were. He just blowed air for few mins and was done. Initially I was impressed with their professionalism, but then they ripped me off on the coil clean so basically taking away the advantage i had to get a good deal from groupon. I would recommend this service to others, but would ask you to be cautious and do proper research to make sure you are paying a fair price, instead on believing what they say.

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