I am not one to generally leave reviews but thought I would share my story here in hopes to provide some positive content for potential customers looking to deal with Kevin and his Recoeryworx Roofing Crew. My wife and I are extremely grateful that we chose to work with Kevin and his team, especially given the unforeseen circumstances that presented itself during this job. Just to provide some background information. We went out for multiple quotes and received a wide range of offers due to the amount of work required on our property. Given that our home has an extremely high roof pitch, three layers of shingles (one layer of cedar shakes) and very close proximity to our neighbors. We decided to award Kevin the contract in the end, not because it was the cheapest but since his quote was the most detailed and he gave us the best understanding of the amount of work and undertaking this job would be. Kevin and his crew were very hands on and it was great to see the owner heavily involved in the roofing process. The job was estimated to take 2-3 days given all the work required. Even though Kevin and his crew worked extreme hours to get the job done, an abundant amount of rainfall caused things to be delayed. There was also a considerable amount of additional work that wasn’t able to be uncovered during the original quote stage. Kevin pointed out a couple area’s of concern that didn’t really fall under the “roofing scope” which was greatly appreciated as we have an older home and want to ensure that things are up to standard. That being said, Kevin stayed true to his word and honored his original quote even though the additional work and time being added due to weather affected him directly. What followed was even more unfortunate as when Kevin and his crew were working one afternoon, a large downpour came very unexpectedly when the roof was open. The crew did their best to tarp the openings and it looked like they managed to get everything covered in time. However, as Kevin and his crew put the finishing touches on the roof, we started to notice some water marks in our living room and bedroom that were residual effects of the storm. We reached out to Kevin in regards to our concerns and he made us feel sure that anything and everything would be fixed/corrected as per his high standards. I don’t want to go into much further detail in regards to the restoration, but Kevin went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that there was no underlying issues left that was caused by the water damage. Examples include, being the job foreman, working directly with the trades people and covering accommodation expenses while construction was being completed. To summarize, basically everything that could go wrong, did go wrong during this job. Not at the fault of anyone, just a bad run of unforeseen circumstances. At the end of this saga, I couldn’t think of a better company/person to go through this delicate situation with. Kevin stayed true to his word and saw the job out to completion which is great to see in this day and age. As far as the roofing was concerned, Kevin and his team did an amazing job. As mentioned above, the extremely high roof pitch, three layers of shingles (one layer of cedar shakes) and very close proximity to our neighbors made this job extremely difficult. The roof looks outstanding and it was amazing to watch his expert crew work in such a tight area and steep slope. They also upgraded the previous vent that wasn’t providing proper airflow from the attic and did a great clean up job given all the debris from multiple layers of shingles. Kevin doesn’t take shortcuts and he expects the roofing job to meet his exceptional standards and will accept nothing less. I wish them all the best and if you are looking to hire someone that gets the job done the right way, Recoeryworx Roofing would be my recommendation.

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Hi Ryan thankyou for the amazing play by play. hahahaha. One of most challenging jobs we've done for sure. Thankyou for letting me fix the unfortunate rain damage. I trust the repair was better than what was there, at least a little. Take care you guys!