They misled us about the cost of material, and took $2,000 for two - four liter pails of what they called venetian plaster. Be forewarned Don't ever use them. They are not to be trusted.

Approximate cost of services:
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Company Response

Have all the texts to prove it!
Hello Mitch Comeau site super & owner Mike Veenhuizen of Brightwork Construction for your insight & review!
Let's start from the beginning back on February 8th 2021 at when you made the call me & texted me the address that you wanted me to attend. I did make it out to you early afternoon that same day. I had brought my portfolio with for you to see & left two samples of Venetian plaster. So on February 17th you asked we if we can have a site meeting with the architects on February 19th at 9am, & l agreed. So on the February 21st you asked me if l could do a sample for the architects on February 24th. So on the same day of the 24th, l had one of the architects call me personally & stated that for the cost for both finishes
where were great. Mitch on February 24th you asked that the home owner wants to now the kitchen walls & family room cost separate & l did. Seven minutes later you sent me a text that the home owner doesn't want the Venetian plaster in the kitchen you stated I'm sorry bro, this must be frustrating.
Then on Friday February 26th you have gotten the okay for the family room & was waiting for the Venetian plaster decision. On that same day you gave me the lock box code 11.32 am because you thought we were coming in to do the family room on Saturday.
So on Saturday February 27th 9am your text states, Hey Massimo l just sent off the price for the family room. I'll let you know ASAP when l get the go ahead.
Thanks buddy. So from Saturday February 27th to March 7th, still no response from home owner.
On Saturday March 6th l sent you a text that l will starting on March 8th. I just sent off the 3rd revision with kitchen materials included. Would it be possible for some sort of payment tomorrow. Can you please get the contract signed as this is not the way l work or do business, this is crazy stupid LOL Thx Massimo.
Mitch replied same day at 5.23pm. Hey Massimo you're right, we never do business like this.
The home owner has been great so far. I'll have a check for you in the morning. Hope you had a good weekend. I replied back at 7.33pm with two thumbs up!
Now on March 8th at 7.39am. I get a text message, Hey buddy my boss just dropped by & he's being a bit of a pain in the ass. He wants to clear up the Venetian plaster before we go ahead with the rest of the work, let me now when you can drop that off & we will pay you for it. He would like a receipt for materials aswell, so that he can pay you. So on March 8th when I'm five minutes away from the house when you sent me that text. I called you & said l will be there in five minutes. So we showed up ready to go get started. Mitch thought that we were just dropping off the materials, what a clown & a joke! My answer was you new we where coming today to start. When l mentioned to you on Saturday March 6th that l was starting Monday morning!
So the morning went like this, l asked him to call Mike his boss, his boss replied that he was on another call that he would call Mitch back in ten minutes.
So an hour & a half went by l asked Mitch to call his boss & he did. I could hear the phone conversation as Mike is stating that the price for the job is to high!
I asked Mitch if l could speak to Mike, remember l never seen him or spoke to him before. I asked him what is the the issue here, the architect okayed the work & so did Mitch, we are here this morning to start. So l dropped my price of $1000.00 dollars so we can start & do the job! He agreed with the price drop & we unloaded & started to work!
I gave back the phone to Mitch & Mitch said that Mike will drop off a cheque for me, which he did.
I didn't meet Mike ever or new how he looked.
They where about four to five guys near by where we were working in the family room area.
So Mike had made his way down stairs he was one of the five in the same area. Not even a hello, nor introducing himself what a gentleman, what CLASS.
Talk about being taken, we will let the people decide what happened. So be forewarned, be careful when working with this company not to be trusted. This guy are shiksters they had it all planned out from the get go! I could say they did pay me in full, been around to long at this games people play, it would not of been not a pretty picture for there client when a lien would of been registered against the house when you are working with a bank lending them the money for the completion of the Reno! Big No No
Again l thx you for your comments & review