Our experience with Karan was a NIGHTMARE. After realizing he could not finish our glass vestibule job (due to his lack of experience), he sneakily asked for another advance (we had already provided a 25% deposit) as he was "short on cash" and needed to pay for his "truck repairs." We never heard from him again and he refused to answer any of our calls or text, so we ended up hiring another company to fix all of Karan's mistakes and to finish the job. It cost us money and time, which we'll never get back. The following were just some of the issues we faced with Karan, I truly hope this never happens to anyone else. 1. Karan showed up 3 weeks after the initial scheduled installation date without any notice, so most days we were left in the dark wondering when he would show up. It took him another week to show up, but was ultimately unable to complete the job. Whenever we did get a hold of him, there was always an excuse 2. Most importantly, we realized (my contractor and I) that he just isn't skilled at his job and cannot complete anything requiring detailing. See attached photos for his work product. Everything is misaligned, the door doesn't slide correctly because of poor installation, etc. As mentioned, we had to hire another company to fix all his work, which took another full day. 3. He's generally unprofessional, sloppy at his work, and extremely unreliable. Don't expect any reasonable customer service from him. 4. In addition to everything above, he damaged several other areas of our Toronto townhouse, including our front door (dents, scratches), interior walls and flooring. Karan is truly an amateur. If it was worth it, we would pursue legal action.

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