BUYER BEWARE!! In November 2020 I purchased a power-motion loveseat. Sales Associate Linda told me there was one in the warehouse, that I did not have to wait for it to be manufactured. Upon delivery, I noticed after a few days it did not feel as solid as the one I tested in the showroom, but let it go (don't do this) then I began to notice body odours and when I took a good look at it there was a distinct appearance of body impressions on the side I was sitting on. First attempt to talk to Lazyboy I was given a card to call a 1-800 #. Remembering sales associate Linda saying if I had an problems to call her. Well same thing she told me to call this 1-800#. There technician was here 3 weeks ago and store managers Kathy and David have not followed up. Customer service at Lazyboy is a sham. They sold me a used piece of furniture which has body impressions, odours, food stains, etc. It had been sitting around their showroom/warehouse since February 2020 according to paperwork I received. My suggestion go a little bit farther down the road to Leons where you will get excellent customer service.

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