I called Vince and Anil from Somda Roofing to install two new skylights and to replace some shingles over the back porch. At first, all is well. Anil was pleasant to deal with over the phone and Vince showed up on time to provide an estimate. But sadly, as soon as the contract was signed, it all went downhill from there. The crew showed up late the following Monday and was extremely sloppy with their work. No surprise, 3 months later, I started experiencing some leaks through the side of the skylights. I called Anil right away to explain the issue and he deferred me to Vince (the owner). Sadly, after several more follow-ups, both individuals started to ignore my calls and would not honour the 10 year warranty that they had promised via our contract. Given that this is a fairly straightforward job, I did not expect to experience any water damage, let alone within the first 3 months of installation. Due to their negligence, I ended up paying more than double by bringing in another roofer to re-install the skylights. In addition, I needed to hire a general contractor to fix the water damage that seeped through the drywall, re-paint the wall and replace a portion of my brand new hardwood floors. Needless to say, I would not be recommending this company anytime soon. In fact, avoid them at all cost unless you feel like throwing your hard earned money away.

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