We bought a brand new Cedarglen home in 2012, we have had many issues with our home from leaking windows and doors from improper installation to plumbing improperly installed causing us to come out of pocket with massive renovations. I have reached out to Cedarglen and they refuse to assist with help to repair the damages in our home due to improper installation. Now to this current issue, Cedarglen installed a Luxor MB36 serial #17424 uncertified unit as per technical safety and safety standards act. We had our fireplaces serviced last week and the technician that came out from a reputable company put the unit out of service. As it was a danger to our family. We made follow phone calls inquiring more information and were informed through proof of documentation the recall came out December 31, 2010. Cedarglen installed the fireplace in 2012. Home owners are left vulnerable As these uncertified fireplaces render our homes void of insurance. We have phoned Cedarglen and as of today January 12, 2021 they are sending a letter out advising homeowners to remove these uncertified fireplaces. This action from Cedarglen is as a result of my husband and I investigating that has triggered this response. However, Cedarglen will not be taking any accountability nor are they willing to help compensate homeowners to assist in the removal and installation of a certified fireplace. Please check the serial number of your fireplace. Cedarglen homes by their negligence has put us at great risk of our health and safety. In a response email Cedarglen has advised us this is a warranty issue that has expired. When the fact remains they installed a fireplace that was not certified, That did not meet the Canadian certification standard. We have been quoted that the same fireplace will cost us upwards of $5000 We are waiting for more information to unfold as to what course of action we are going to take. At this time the reputable company has been out to disconnected the gas line to the fireplace and we felt compelled to share this information with our community. Cedarglen did not even offer to have a technician come into our home to disconnect the gas from this uncertified fireplace. At one time We trusted Cedarglen to build us a safe and reliable home we could raise our family in. Buyer be ware when dealing with this company.

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