Very impressed with the service I received from this company. I have had others come in to service my gas fireplace and gas furnace over the years, but still had ongoing problems. Jake from Platinum showed up on time this morning and not only did a great job cleaning and servicing both, but found numerous problems left behind by other companies. He quickly remedied these problems and now everything works perfectly. He also recommended some easy fixes to keep everything in optimal working condition, and I am following through with these using Platinum, of course ! The price charged was very fair indeed. Highly recommend.

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Mark very briefly, it seemed, "inspected" my home and gave it the thumbs up in October 2007. He then explained his report would follow by Email, which didn't show up until after I'd signed the waiver of my right to cancel the sale subject to inspection....and after I had to contact him asking the whereabouts of this report. I moved in two months later hoping for the best, when the ceiling collapsed, the foundation leaked, the shower leaked, the bathroom walls leaked and the backyard flooded due to poor grading,spilling into the basement. His written report was filled with references such as "we are not experts and recommend professional evaluation", therefore I had no grounds, legally, to hold him responsible. So what was the purpose of this "inspection" ? The enjoyment of my new home has been non existent as I continue to part with large $$$$$$$$ in repairs. Thanks for nothing, Mark.

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