I recently purchased a 25 year old home that looked "beautiful". Previous owner installed a new kitchen and 3 new bathrooms. It clearly was a flip. I hired an inspector to evaluate the home. I had concerns that the home was 25 years old. Todd was referred to me by my agent from Remax (mistake number 1). Todd was very punctual and apparently had infrared cameras and took many photos. He ran the faucets (obviously not long enough). The basment was unfinished and so I was concerned about cracks and water issues because it is an older home. Todd did report that there is a negative slope grading (which he recommended I repair in spring). He saw one hairline crack in the basement. Most expensive thing to fix would be the old furnace. First week I moved in....shower leaked through to dining room, all faucets on second floor were installed incorrectly, as a result both leaked. One had to be replaced. First rainfall...water in the basement. I called waterproofing companies and all said that it is obvious that there is without a doubt water intrusion and evidence of cracks that any inspector should have detected. . 6 cracks and 20 tie rods need to be repaired. Every wall in the basement was leaking. ONe company quoted $22,0000 to repair from the outside, the biggest quote being $36,000. Another company is quoting $3600 to repair from inside. Also, drywall from dining room ceiling all had to be removed and all plumbing and source of leak needed to be located. Cost to repair that disaster was $500. Thanks to Todd any extra funds I made through buying/selling have all been depleted due to the fact that I had to make major repairs. Also, when asked if there was any mold in the insulation I was told by Todd that he is a mold inspector and that was just dust. One waterproofing company refuesed to remove insulation because of evidence of mold.

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