We had redone a bathroom in our rental house and the tub had been leaking since we finished it. We tried a few things and then called in Action Auger. We found out the tub was leaking and also that our main line into the house was leaking. They gave us a quote for 2600 dollars. As soon as they started they told us that the surround would need to be replaced and would cost us another 600 dollars but that we would need to drywall at all. After all that was said and done we needed to pay just over 3300. Then on top of that we needed to call in the drywallers and get them to fix there crappy work. They refunded us 300 dollars but 100 percent satisfaction guarenteed is hogwash. The techs were nice and all but they should be for when they bend you over. Would never get them again and will never recommend them to anybody.

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