I would NEVER recommend using PODS to anyone.... that I liked. They hide behind the small print in a big way. I was deploying to Afghanistan and had to put my entire apartment into storage for the 1 year of training and deployment. You THINK you are paying a lump sum ($675.00) for insurance but the fine print that they didn't show me indicated that was for only TWO MONTHS! I came home to an insurance bill of over $1,300.00 dollars and if I had the pod moved to my new place so I could unload it, it would cost me another $1,500.00 on top of that! They don't tell you these details of course. I ended up unloading the pod at the storage site (thank god a buddy had a trailer I could use) and move it myself. This is a great service if you are storing the pod on your drive way during a reno but NOT good if you need it like a soldier does! Make sure they show you ALL the documentation and get all the legalese translated to english before you sign on the dotted line!

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reveal ALL the costs up front
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