I purchased a house 12 years ago from Arista, but never did any major renovations until couple of days ago when I tried to change the backyard door. As soon as I removed the frame I smelled mold, and no wonder – there was no water barrier installed and the exterior plywood, as well as the subfloor toward the kitchen, was all rotten. That is on top of a main support beam that was in 2 pieces, without even a mending plate to connect them. This shows not only extremely poor craftsmanship from the trade people that did it, but especially lack of supervision from the site supervisors and inspectors – things like a cut support beam and missing exterior water barrier should have never passed inspection! I am scared of what else would I find if I ever open up a wall again! Lastly, I called Arista customer support to provide them a chance to do something about it – and was refused politely but firmly on the account that the house passed the 7 years structural warranty period. So, if despite all the above, anyone still decides to buy from Arista Homes, be prepared at 6.5 years to rip apart all the walls and check what’s underneath or be ready to undertake very expensive repairs once 7 years have passed.

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