Ted is a true house whisperer. His attention to every little detail, brutal honesty and accurate sense of how the elements of a house are aging make him an incredible home inspector. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about home construction during his on site inspection, but he provided us with a wealth of maintenance tips as well as guidance and support afterwards. Ted's willingness to answer all our questions even after delivering the final report show his true dedication to his trade, a rarity in the construction industry. As far as home inspections are concerned, he is the only person I would ever call on, period.

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Hi Mike,
New home... there’s a lot of information for the homebuyer to digest, thankfully the immediacy of what needs repaired has been prioritized in the report to help homebuyers unpack their liabilities and make plans for their ownership. As your inspector I must say I enjoy the yrs after the purchase to hold your hand while you plan and execute alterations or maintenance.
While I endeavor to alert you to future maintenance I am rewarded by the satisfaction of your accomplishments.
Xmas is here, do you need any toys for your new identity as a fly by night Handy Man? Let it be known.
Your advocate,