I absolutely must reccommend Vancouver Carpet Cleaning services to anyone in the lower mainland looking to clean their carpets. Originally, my woven carpets were brand new and an elegant creamy beige. Up untill my negligence, two kids, and a dog really took its toll, resulting in a grimy greyish/green tinge stained in the carpets roots. Soon enough I was on google, searching the best carpet cleaning to invest in. Coit appealed to be as the most well-known, so I called them asap. However, I was quite unsatisfied with the results and the price. The murky colour had faded but the tinge was still obviously evident. Almost a years time later, I was really bothered by the unsanitary appearance of my carpets. This round, I emailed Vancouver Carpet Services and was immediately was responded to. I cannot stress how much I was impressed with their services and the outcome. TMy carpets literrally was revived to its natural state. On top of that, the customer service was extraodinarily friendly, accomodating, and trustworthy. Dont waste the time and money that I did! The website is ,hope this helps!

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