Egbert of Diamond Home Inspection is a life saver. He saved me from buying a 3 year old home in Carstairs, Alberta with 3 latent deficiencies. More so, I hired him for 6 home inspections (that is why the home inspection cost is high) done on specific milestone activities on a new built and he recommended a licensed plumber and electrician re the new built. His construction background is an asset. The home builder in Carstairs, Alberta is less then competent, skilled , professional and Diamond Home Inspection reports are extremely detailed, documented, to the point and, if need be, he will state that the deficiency is substandard, poor workmanship, or, if warranted, he will state that the work done does not meet manufacturer's requirements, standards given the home owner the necessary ammunition to fight the legal battle. BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

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Company Response

Thank you for the review Suzanne. This has certainly been an experience for you as we worked on your new home. Finding structural concerns early in the game was not surprising (glad we got them rectified) but what was a surprise was the number of things that the municipal safety code officers missed (like the floor/beam structural deficiencies above windows, and the lack of head clearance in the stairwell). Glad I could help you!