In April this year (2020) after some extremely windy days, my roof had some shingles missing. I called few roofing companies but they wore either to expensive or not interested in fixing my roof damage. A friend recommended Target roofing and I called, they offer to give me an estimate to be done after a couple of days. We agreed on the price and they fixed my problem soon after. I have to say that I was impressed by the way they did the job, some of my neighbors had the same problem I had but in their repairs the roofers just put the missing shingles. Target remove a bigger area of shingles around the missing ones and after that they proceeded to fix it. To me that showed a real interest in doing a good job. I didn't have any problems after and I was happy with the way they worked and the price I paid. This company showed they care about their customers and I recommended them to anyone asking for roofing related issues.

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Thank you for your business and the great review.

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