You can see by the pictures what a difference Clean Grout & Stone Care made to my fireplace. We have lived in our home for 30 years and although I tried to get someone to clean the fireplace before, I was never able to find anyone. When I phoned the company, Susan said she had never cleaned a brick fireplace but she would come and take a look. She said she thought she could do it and she explained what her company was in the habit of doing; cleaning grout on floors, bathrooms, etc. I was immediately taken with her honesty and she thought she could do it so I decided to give her a try. We needed scaffolding so we picked that up and when Susan and her helper came, they helped put the scaffolding up and started with a steam cleaner to clean the grout. You can see she did an excellent job and while she was up there she cleaned my windows and the sealing fan. Before she left she repared a coupld of spots in my kitchen lino that had cracked. I would say we got our money's worth and more. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan. She and her helper did an excellent job.

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Thank you, I will make sure T reads your comments, she will be thrilled. We enjoyed our time with you, and we enjoyed your stories. Thanks for making a great day.

Your fireplace transformed from grey to a bright creamy colour. When we clean floors, stone, showers, and fireplaces, we never know how things will turn out, so we are as amazed as you. We love this industry, our customers are very special and they appreciate this service being available in Edmonton.

15 years and still cleaning, tile, stone and grout, that's around 5000 floors, I think that's a pretty close number.

Food for thought.

A 1500 square foot home usually has 600 square feet of tile and grout. So when you replace a floor you will require about 750 square feet for bathrooms, wastage and spares. That's about 75 boxes of ceramic or porcelain tile, stone would be much heavier. Let's say each box weighs 35 pounds.

Here comes the calculator, 75 boxes of tile to replace a ceramic floor at 35 pounds per box equals 2,625, a ton is 2000 pounds. So when a ton of ceramic or porcelain tile floor is removed it goes to the Claystone Waste's Beaver Regional Landfill, a class II landfill just north of the village of Ryley. What happens to all that renovation waste? Why did the floor require removal? Was it the nasty grout? That's a shame.

I thought about the many floors I have cleaned over the 15 years and realized My Clean Grout has saved over 10 million tons of waste from landfills. When we treat a floor we save renovation waste from the landfills every day. Some floors are small some are large. The average could still be around 750 square feet.

Saving the planet will take all of us together. Everything we do helps. Consider why you are removing your tile, stone, or shower. If it is nasty grout please call us, together we can determine, what is possible.

Sue Ostrowski

My Clean Grout Inc.
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