As you can see on attached photos, A+ Roofing did not do the valleys correctly and make it look like there is water damage underneath shigles. So after spending $8000 I have essentially devalued my home by using this roofing company. I have also attached a photo taken just before roof was started showing how the valley should look and that there is no prior roof damage. (last photo)

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Company Response

Thank you for providing your feedback. We set a high standard for ourselves and that's why over 95% of our valued customers rated us with 10/10. We truly regret to hear that standard was not met in your interaction with our business. FYI, there are TWO ways of installing valleys. The most popular installation is "open valley". Another method is "closed valley", which you specified. Please understand that there were ice-and-water protection shields previously installed onto your roof as you had closed valleys. As a professional roofer, we cleaned off the old & extremely adhesive rubberized shield as much as possible (NO roofers can completely remove the old ice shield), and installed a new layer on top to prevent any leaks. Since you are not pleased with the LOOK of the valleys (which will NOT leak), we suggest you to do open-valleys instead, which will absolutely "look great and durable". Customer satisfaction is important to us. We will be more than happy to professionally restructure the valleys for you at no extra costs. However, we have been trying to contact you but without any success. Please urgently contact us to settle this and full payment is required.