ADVANCE APPLIANCE CHARGED ME $200 AND DID NOT FIX ANYTHING - My overall experience with this business was terrible. I called them to fix my fridge which is a fridge over freezer unit. The drain area under the fridge was becoming blocked with ice every week. The repair team came, listened to my problem and without any investigation deduced that i needed a new fan motor. The motor i had was working fine and pushing lots of air up into the fridge but they explained it was not spinning properly and therefore causing the ice problem. Leaving it to the "experts" I went with it and hoped I would not have to dismantle my fridge and clear out the ice in a week. Unfortunately a week later I did. This time i did some further investigation myself not wanting to pay $200 for another repair. I discovered that the drain leaving the back of the fridge leading underneath was clogged with about 2 inches of black gunk. I blew this out and replaced everything, melted the ice and let things be to see what happened. Two weeks later the fridge is still running well and the problem is fixed. This company failed to do a basic assessment of the problem and just went with the most likely solution...leaving me paying $116.95 for a fan motor the size of a golf ball that probably cost $5 from China and nothing fixed. When i called and spoke with the owner (she answered the phone and claimed to be) she was unsympathetic and short...did not have time to "educate me" on how a fridge worked and was rude and unwilling to admit they had not given me a good service and unwilling to make things right. I would highly recommend using another service provider who not only do things properly and professionally but in the rare (hopefully) circumstance they did not do a good job are willing to admit it and make the customer happy.

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if your fridge over freezer unit is blocked with ice check to make sure the drain is clean...Action did not even check and just changed the fan motor which was useless and expensive...fixed the problem myself in 10 minutes and recieved no customer service from Action. Terrible company choose another
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Mr. Porier had his fridge repaired by us a month ago. He has not contacted us until today looking for some money. The fan motor in his fridge was running too slow, and mr porier had already cleaned all the ice out. We can only go by what we were told. Had he called us back there would have been no charge because the fan motor is under warranty, however the dirt in his fridge is not. Had the ice have not been removed prier to us being there, we would have had to clear it out, therefore removing his other problem.