I found A1 for our landlord. They called with a quote. I asked that it included the driveway and second laneway and lot for a business. They confirmed and said they had seen the property. 1st snowfall (Nov 22-23) they showed and did a great job on our driveway but did not do the second laneway or backlot. Equipment trouble was what we were told and were understanding. 2nd snowfall (Jan 2, they showed, did an incomplete job on the front driveway, left snow piles (well actually pushed snow) in front of our step and did part (very small part) of the second laneway. Did not do the full laneway or the backlot again. They do not answer the phone, the machine is always full or not initialized. After reaching them they returned on Jan 3rd with a plow to do the side laneway and back. This is captured on camera where they had crap tires and tore up the back. The guy who came obviously had no idea what was needed and had not been to the property. Then our last big snowfall. (Jan 15th) No show. No one would answer and I actually was hung up on once after someone picked up the line. We then received a call from our landlord, they wanted more money and did not come. The next day they tried to tell our landlord they had been here, not true. My son did the laneway enough to get our car out. I am appalled. We are done with A1.

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What can I say about Stevenson Renovations? They are polite, punctual, clean and tidy, jobs all done in a timely fashion. Bradley has completed bathroom reno, replaced a door, fixed an eavestrough, removed buildings and replaced siding for us. He has been wonderful on every job and is our go-to for any future renovations.

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