Sophia came with a group of 3 cleaners. They brought their supplies upon request and also gave a $3/hour discount before the start of the assignment. However, the work was really rushed at last hour and disorganized at times. They failed to clean the blinds properly, couple of the bedrooms weren't vacuumed properly, some of them did not have the mask on at all times. Overall, they were okay at their job, I had some concern that I wanted to address over the phone once the job was done, but I didn't hear back.

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Company Response

it's to bad to didn't liked my job Rohan!
whatever you are writing here, it's fully untruth!.
1. cleaners was where'd face masc, I was there and I remember well!
2. you complain, about vacuum,because your mom wanted to vacuum 10 times upstairs! you brought vacuum wich was not professional for the deep cleaning and you was promised me to provide good vacuum!
I told you we can vacuum again upstairs but because of you don't wanted to pay for our time your mom changed her mine and I was used my vacuum you remember that!
3. about rush and etc. we always working fast, everything was organized there, we was moved all furnitures everywhere and if there was messy it's because we was cleaned and that's why!
4. about my complaints! you and your family didn't gaved me space to worked well. you guys been everywhere and when my girls was washed stears and floors you even didn't waited to floor geted dry, you was walked around. I came Saturday at 4pm. because, you canceled cleaning on Friday and I wanted to do some favors for you and your family I even canseled my other customers and till midnight couldn't live your house because you've been everywhere and after everything you complain we forget something to cleaned and etc. my girls cleaned each part 10 times and you guys still didn't appreciated! I gaved you big discount for cleaning!
5. about my response to your call! I was returned the call and you didn't unswered the phone. was thinked to you called by mistake that night. if you wanted to noted anything, you couldn't texted me right?

what we cleaned in your house!
1. all Bathurst from the wall to baseboard, toilet, bathtub, shower, sink and etc.
2. all windows including blinds!
3. full kitchen from top to bottom. under sink, oven and etc.
4. all bedrooms, vacuumed all floors, dusted.
5. full house windows cleaning and doors.

house was looked very shiny and cleaned!