They were referred to me by the insurance adjuster. I would not use them again for the following reasons: 1. They had drying equipment in the home, but did not monitor it or take moisture readings of the structure. I subsequently found mould in the ceiling; 2. Some equipment was left on site, but not even turned on. The cleaners were apparently told to turn it on, but they didn't know how; 3. Their subcontractors failed to perform the work that they were assigned: Duct cleaners leaving mounds of debris in the ducts, laundry company who lost clothing and also returned clothing that was not properly cleaned, telling me to "deal with the adjuster"; Cleaners who labelled un-restorable items as "cleaned" and packed them in boxes as restored; furniture cleaners that did nothing more than cover my dirty furniture in plastic and call it cleaned. 4. I rarely saw any Winmar employees on site, just subcontractors with no oversight or quality control.

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