I found out I had a wasp nest right beside the ducting of the range hood fan. I decided against removing the nest myself. I called Pestend and was able to get a quote right away and got an appointment made within a few days. I was very happy with the speed of this service especially since I had called some other big company previously and all I got from them was a "let me take down your information and we will call you back with a quote" The technician that came to my house was very friendly and professional and was careful not to damage anythng. He explained everything very well and was able to answer all my questions. The only criticism I can make is that he didn't have any garbage bags himself so I had to provide one. The other criticism is the personal safety of the technician, I would think he would have a respirator so as not to breathe in the insecticide. These are very minor negatives from an otherwise excellent service.

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