During a heat wave my ECM blower failed , the installation company AIRESERVE was called and a technician was at my home within 4 hours, excellent. the problem was diagnosed and I was told that Napoleon had an excellent warranty(10Years)so there should not be a problem with the part cost. The next day (service was done after hours) I was informed that the extended warranty had not be applied for , at the time of purchase we were told that all paper work was going to be completed by the contractor AIRE SERV this was the government rebate as well as the warranty, I clearly remember this , I would not have neglected processing the warranty of this I am clear. I was later informed that AIRE SERV would make good on the part cost ( $624.00 MSRP) but I would be responsible for the labour cost, no problem until I was told that the installation cost would be $540.00 plus HST. I am a licensed electrical contractor with over 40 years experience in both residential and industrial service, I know what contractor expenses are. The replacement of this blower is for an experienced handy man an hour job at the worst with a skilled technician a half hour would be plenty of time so tacking in to account travel truck expenses etc. I am expected to pay over $300.00 per hour. I thought that that was i little bit excessive AIRE SERV did not agree. I had spoken to Napoleon regarding purchasing the part myself and installing it myself they have no problem with this option but I would have to pay MSRP ($624.00+ HST) still cheaper to have AIRE SREV finish the job, I sugested to AIRE SERV that they provide me the part and I would pick up Install I am very well qualified to do this no dice they have to install it to insure the warranty which doesn't exist because AIRE SERVE neglected to register at the time of install ( I do find it strange that they now do the processing but not back then and that they are willing to eat the cost of the blower even though they are not at fault). I realize that as a franchise they have additional expenses but their rate for the installation of a blower is way excessive and the they are unwilling to move on the service cost( not even a refund of the initial service call $105.00 after tax)to me is just bad business and that is why I am giving the a low rating. I do want to make clear that I have no problem with the furnace itself , Napoleon has an excellent warranty ( If it is registered) and seem to stand by their products , I have been in contact several times with their technical support and other then a long waiting time( COVID) I am very satisfied on all points.

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There is more to any pricing than the on-site time to change out a part. I will have our owner contact you by phone to further explain.