I initially and paid this company to upgrade all the lighting in our house to LED from halogen. I had a couple of issues with their service. First, it didn’t seem like they always knew what they were doing. At some point they spent approximately two hours on the phone with tech-support with the company that produces the dimmers. Second, I caught the guy trying to up charge me for the materials. He claimed that the LED bulbs he bought were $15 each. The receipt he produced was illegible but I was able to ascertain the store name and looked up the cost of the Bulbs myself and found the price to be around 5 dollars. I confronted him with this information. He apologized and reduced the cost of the materials. Had I not been vigilant, there would’ve been a significant and unnecessary increase in the cost. I found this to be quite unprofessional. Third, while we were discussing the price, he kept asking if he could deal with my wife Instead of me. I think he felt that my wife would not pick up on the additional charges.

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Company Response

Hi Aheer,
Thank you for your review, we apologize for the trouble you have experienced. As you know I had arranged with your wife, Mrs Catherine that either she buys the material or we buy the material (at an additional cost). Either way, we made it quite clear that there would be an extra charge for our time and had to be paid before commencing the job. With regard to talking to the manufacturer for the issue we were having due to the mismatch between the dimmers and bulbs: the phone call was approx 10 minutes and necessary in order to ensure a smooth installation. We are sorry you felt that this meant we didn't fully understand the job at hand. We are experts in our field with years of experience and take pride in our workmanship. As you know our service was our second visit within a month, i was hoping if you were not happy with us then your wife, Catherine would have cancelled it as she was the only one asking for our services, and not even once you were involved. Again, we apologize for any trouble and appreciate your review so we can do better for you next time.

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