The story started with a panicked and tearful call from my elderly mother who lives alone. Shockingly, she saw a rodent running through her bedroom in a 3rd floor condo! I called a few companies and, due to the pandemic, no one could help me. Then Snap was recommended to me. I called and Joe returned my call that same evening. Although it was out of his way (midtown Toronto), he went the following day to check her apartment and set up traps. He calmed my mother (who is in isolation), and determined it was probably a squirrel, not a mouse or rat, that came in through an open balcony door. Two weeks later, Joe removed the traps. No rodent was caught (thankfully), but his quick response and explanation of what my mother saw was tremendously helpful. We'd hire Snap Pest Control again should we ever need to do so. Thank you, Joe! Great work.

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Thank you.Joe