A few years back I used electricall to install over 60 potlights during my basement renovation. This time around, we embarked on another of my "honey-do" list..except this one included the entire house..sans the basement. In this construction/reno project we took down walls, floors, doors and of course everything in between. That everything included a major electrical re-work. Oris had to run new wirings from the panel to the entire house since we added over 100 potlights. This included a special designer featured wall with 4 mini-potlights especially designed by our designer. Oris had to move sconces about 5 times (at no fault of his own) because of our designer and he did that all with a smile on his face. If anyone actually is reading this, I can honestly say that I was willing to commit a crime just to end this madness. Anyways, Oris took care to install the lights correctly especially in the 2nd floor using special insulated pot-lights. Dont trust any pot-light installer that tells you to install the same lights in both 1st and 2nd floor. Once pot-lights were in, Oris installed our fireplace switches and run a special plug for my plasma TV and even helped a guy with two left hands to install the plasma mount. He even recommended the cables I needed for Audio/Video (Monster Baby!). That done he replaced all the switches and plugs in my house with the new modern ones, not the old brownish ones I had before. We are talking about 90 plugs throughout the house as its a big 20 year old. In our living room we had no lights at all and he installed 10 pot-lights!, talk about challenging stuff...He than proceeded to co-ordinate with our contractor (a feat in itself as the guy does not really speak much english...) to install the heated floor in our kitchen. The list goes on...bottom line, this was a major reno that I trully hope I only have to do once in my life...however, Electricall and Oris made it much much easier, you cannot beat their prices, but their service, professionalism and unwavering committment to absolute quality is unmatched. They wont sell anything that is of low quality! and that is something you can count on. Also, do not hesitate asking Oris about other suggestions as he has a wealth of information in his brain. Before I conclude...Oris did an amazing job troubleshooting my Microwave...yep, seems like we had a plug that was split and 1/2 of it was defective and after some troubleshooting Oris found the problem and corrected it...this is something that was broken from day one and figured something out that probably has been there for 20 years...anyways, I can honestly recommend these folks to anyone!

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Dont go with the cheapest electrical contractor, ensure they use quality materials as this is one area in the house you do not want to fool around with.
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Hi Tali...
It was a large and your home looks fantastic now.
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