Call in morning due to sewer back up for an agreed afternoon appt. All questions answered: re: price, est timeline to do the job, and time: afternoon job with a 20 min. lead phone call. All agreed, no need to call another service. 4pm call . After 3 yes answers to their questions technician dispatched. BUT then the representative says this: BTW any time it takes AFTER 6pm is double time is that o.k. ? THIS NOW? REp couldn't give me the stats on length of time, % that goes outside 1.5 hrs BOGUS to tell me this now! I ask to speak to owenr, 'someone' comes on phone doesn't identify themselves. They think this is giving me proper notice. What happened to telling this on the morning call? Absolutely NO regard for the customer. After 45 min. they still didn't understand the lack of courtesy, and proper protocol or my angst, and then pulled this: " Over 90 yrs. and you are our first complaint " ... NEVER ! They are horrible, ! my time $50 WASTED. I quickly went online for reviews and saw they are Horrible !!!!

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