No retrenchment phone calls, automatic garage door opener installed in the wrong position, the doors where custom ordered and they still where the wrong size! Russ won’t stand behind his work, told me after he installed the doors that there wasn’t a size to fit the opening! I also had him out at framing stage to confirm the door size and he said the sizes where no problem! Very disappointed in the job!

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actually i tried to call you a few would never answer..your only ever mentioned issue was the opener install..which i personally didnt do or see..and it was a used opener we put in basically at no charge after we added a new rail to it..i offered to move it to where you wanted it even though from the pics i seen it was fine..then 3 months goes by..never had a penny of your money but you had doors installed in a timely matter with no deposit. you then say well there the wrong size.! huh theyve been in there for 3 months..never heard a complaint once..measure the doors there the same size as the openings..! there correct for the opening sizes which are not a normal size..but you wanted to keep them as big as possible so i agreed to order them that size..they fit yes there made to a smaller size and maybe didnt fit as youd like..but they fit
i offered to take a look and do what was needed but you said you had sent a cheque after 3 months of me being patient about i said if theres an issue i'll take care of it..but you seem to think you know my job better then i do with over 25yrs experience..!
your in business too..if a customer is not happy..they should call and say hey can we take a look at things here and see if theres a resolution..not well i'll do it myself and call someone else..maybe try to pick up the phone and discuss your issues and you woulda had a resolution even if i had to reorder a door to your liking which i offered to do after 3 months once i first heard of it..
but hey i guess after 25yrs of service in the area wihout hardly a complaint..i guess theres always one thats not pleasable..found it !