I hadn't had my carpets professionally cleaned in a couple of year because I'd purchased a good home unit. I was having relatives visiting so i thought I'd spring for a pro job. I was surprised to see after that they did not do a better job than my bissell. I was shocked when the guy handed me a bill for 600 bucks for a couple of hours work. I will not be using their over priced service ever again, or any other so called carpet pro. Buy your own unit!

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Mike and his team did an awesome job! They were on time, quick, professional and very friendly. I am more than happy to recommend these guys to anyone on the north shore. I used to use other landscapers and they charged me an arm and a leg. Mike is a great deal!

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We purchased a unit in a new development and are very unhappy with the quality of the workmanship. We paid over $500/sqft and the quality was terrible. We also had problems with our gutters and heating system. They have absolutely no accountability and DO NOT stand behind their product. They hire cheap Mexican labor and only care about their bottom line. After they have your money look out! All the owners in our building are very unhappy with the company and we want to warn other consumers about their shady business practices. Stay away from their work, you will be sorry if you buy one of their units, we sure are! Stay away!

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