Brad was great to deal with.... in the beginning. Seemed very honest and down to earth and usually a great judge of character. However, after paying the balance because I thought I could trust the final fixes to be didn't happen. There were issues that were never resolved and left TO MY OWN TO FIX ! ** 2 YEAR WARRANTY AS THE AD STATES IS ONLY AS EFFECTIVE AS THE OWNER RETURNING YOUR CALLS and then....honouring the warranty** 1/ seemed to be 2 different crews working on my job. 1st half of patio stones was done pretty nicely....2nd part was obviously rushed, messy and not nice - obvious difference with overwash of grout. 2/ Clothes rack was smashed with the machinery, which Brad had credited so that I could purchase a new one. But, I had to remove the old one and dispose of it myself. 3/ The shed was raised to accommodate stone patio. Very shabby job done with "shimming" of scrap stone cuts, slabs and wood cuts and gravel that washed away causing shed to sink / tilt. This was eventually, "fixed" after multiple calls and a request to pay an additional $200 (which i refused), it was shimmed up again with more stone cuts but I could already see signs of stones washing away....will see what happens after winter. 4/ "wall stones' were much too high and unsupported which lead to them leaning over within a few months. I laboured myself to fix them by removing the top layer and removing and releveling the bottom layer. I had to do this as Brad no longer returned my calls at this time. 5/ The price of $4K + was comparatively low....but that was my mistake of taking the cheapest bid and now dealing with the outcomes.

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Company Response

Hello, I apologize that you were not satisfied. The crew consisted of myself and my two labourers until completion. The mess on one side happened after we finished and you had your deck built. I did advise if we only shim the shed it would not last long, but that's what kept it in the desired budget. my suggestion was to frame with wood supports ($200) which you refused. The "wall" was quoted as one row of curbing, after the work was done you insisted there be a second row installed and included. I suggested we not do this because the curbing should not be built that high which is why it shifted.