As first-time home renovators, we were understandably nervous about picking a general contractor given all the horror stories one hears. Which is why we almost don't want to write this review--we selfishly want E&L Creations to stay as low-profile as possible so that we can keep them all to ourselves for future projects. The first thing that struck us was Ryan's level of professionalism. All aspects of the job were considered and mapped out in the quote and he was upfront about any potential areas of concern. Our questions throughout the process were handled quickly and earnestly. And weeks later when we threw Ryan curveballs on the design he hit homerun after homerun. It's also fitting that Creations is part of the business name, as their creativity and design ideas are as exceptional as any you might see on HGTV. But all that can't be attributed to Ryan alone, as his team is just as outstanding in their own right. Always courteous and accommodating, it's clear that they're the hard-working engine that makes the whole outfit run. We were consistently amazed at just how much they accomplished over the course of a single day. All that being said, if you want a reliable contractor that does quality work for a fair price, E&L Creations should be your first call.

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Company Response

Lol! I'm really glad you decided to write it. It's very assuring to know you're happy with the work. We strive very hard to put people's minds at ease, as we too hear far, far too many horror stories. I've made it a personal goal to be honest and do quality work and I choose only team members that embody this quality as well, as I want to see them grow and do good things in their futures. Clients like you that place trust in them only helps to that end.

It was a true pleasure to be a part of this fun project and help restore some of your confidence in our profession! Call us again any time!