I was in the building industry for 10+years and have experience purchasing homes directly from a builder. My Arista home is generally nice. The materials used fit the price that was paid however there are many small design items that are only noticeable after you move in. I would purchase a resale Arista home again however if I was purchasing a new I would look at other builders. The amount of money needed immediately to upgrade and fix-up the home was way larger the expected. The service follow up has been terrible. After my home was closed, there was still work to be completed inside and out. I was bounced around from one department to the next with nobody taking full ownership of next steps. Finally I had a 30day walk through and had many items to discuss. The person from Arista Service argued on ever item and it was obvious that her/his entire objective was to reject as many items as possible and complete this walk through - not customer service. (I had a Mattamy home before and the difference between the 30day walk throughs was staggering). There were a few items that Arista needs to confirm and he/she indicated that they would call me back within a few days with the details. However, 7-10 days later the 30day form was hung on my doorknob and there was no direct communication was given. Here is an example - There are 2 entrances into my house, through the garage and front door. When you enter through the garage/mud room you immediately walk to into my kitchen. Well, there was no switch for the lights in the kitchen when entering that way and we would then have to walk through a dinning area and kitchen to turn on a light into the house. At nighttime this is a serious safety hazard for my wife and kids. I asked about adding a light switch so that I can turn the lights on in the kitchen when entering through the garage. And this is still a battle when it should be more common sense. These are the little things that you cannot plan for when purchasing a home and should be standard items….however they are not with Arista.

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