A neighbor highly recommended Parliament Contracting to me for roofing that I needed to have done. From start to finish it was great working with Tyler, Liam, and the rest of the crew. I remain very, very happy with their work. They'll be who I call next time I need contract work done. I'd recommend them to anyone as professionals who can be hired on without giving it a second thought. I'm in the military and moving around makes it hard to know which of the local contractors are the pros and which ones sell nothing but grief and regrets. Knowing the difference is as valuable as gold. Parliament Contracting are pros. No grief. No regrets. Quality work all the way! The asphalt shingle roof on my house was only about 10 years old but severely breaking down due to insufficient attic ventilation. The house is a post-1960s, two-story, detached unit. Previous owners had aluminum soffits installed without removing the original plywood soffits. This prevented the perforated aluminum soffits from being able to give airflow to the attic and caused wicked heat buildup, cooking-off of the shingles, and prevented the AC from being able to keep the second floor cool in the hot summer months (10 degree temp difference between the first and second floors during the hottest part of the summer). Tyler worked with me to assess different options to correct the problem. The options included complete removal of the existing soffits and installation of new ones (largest scope of work, most expensive, but cost prohibitive for me). Alternatives included several types of venting products, not all of which were either available/suitable for use in our climate zone. With Tyler's help I was able to settle on a retrofit product that was available through his normal supplier, proved fast and easy to install, and was significantly more economical than gutting/replacing the soffits. I obtained three initial estimates for the job. Tyler's was a lot more competitive than the highest one (large franchise, very glitzy marketing materials) but the sales guy struck me as a guy who was just telling me what he thought I wanted to hear...and beyond the products he was trying to sell he didn't seem to know much about home construction. The other estimate was similar in cost to Tyler's, but from the get go Tyler was much more professional with his communications as we went back and forth assessing ventilation options and settling on the scope of work. Along the way Tyler straight up voiced risks he saw with some of the options I was looking at to fix the soffit ventilation. As we worked through the options it was clear Tyler wasn't going to leave me with anything but long-lasting quality work. Gold! And I know I've already mentioned the quality of Tyler's communications, but even with this past summer's sweltering heat Tyler routinely found the time after scorching days in peak season to keep up on emails and send timely replies. Thank you again Tyler, Liam, and the rest of your crew!

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Hi Scott,
We are incredibly grateful that you took the time to leave us this amazing review. Your review shows once again how dedicated we are to making customer satisfaction our top priority. Its customers like you that make our job wonderful. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Best wishes for 2020!
Tyler & Liam