At first when we met with the owner at her home she seemed very professional and polite. Then, after we gave her the money her whole attitude changed. She constantly acted like we were working for her, not the other way around.... She threatened to hold our project up on many occasions any time we questioned her workers qualifications, job quality, or by telling her something was done wrong or not done within city code. When we went to the site one day we noticed that the foundation was being installed 25 feet from where we planned, not by the water; she had not even contacted us at all to talk about this change and why. She would have put the foundation in; the city had not even given a permit for. I believe she may have even demolished our old place before she got the permit. She could not hold onto workers, as we had different people working on our job all the time; even her workers had a hard time getting along with her. One day she ended up calling us with all this drama. Even her personal life was affecting our project. She asked us not to let one of her workers on our property and if he did for us to call the police; then she remployeed him. At one point she even argued with us when the city said her septic installer wasn’t licensed and he couldn't work on our project. We had to find our own septic installer to do the job (it was winter time now). She had a used water pump to put in our well; when the contract stated everything for our project was to be brand new. When we had her put in a foundation for our prefab’s crawl space; costs us close to 30 thousand dollars,,, her and her workers left dozens of footprints all over the cement. Now that it's dried, it's forever hard to move around under there and for us to walk around to store stuff. Our project that was supposed to take 3 months, turned out to be 9 months and would have been longer had we not intervened. Our project was to put in a prefab; not like she had to build a house . We asked her to leave, but allowed one of her workers ( a subcontractor hired by her) to stay on the job to put in the furnace and do some of the plumbing. Then, we had to pay for someone to come and fix a lot of what he did! Hiring her company was the worst thing we had ever did. It was the worst time of our lives and has even scarred us. This woman has no right being in this business. We ended up paying thousands of dollars, not only to finish our project, but to fix all of her company’s mistakes. Even the prefab company had to send someone from the east coast to fix her mistakes. They were done with her as well, then told us they had to go to other jobs she did and fix her many mistakes too. She has not returned any of our messages since she was last here. Trust me, any good reviews on here are maybe from small jobs, or are from her or her friends, don’t be fooled. Our experience was a nightmare. Just disgusted and scarred by the whole experience. Don't make the same mistake we made!

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